50 x pendants
750mm x 200mm high
Fabric: STJL Black chintz
Full acrylic diffuser to base


2 x Drum Pendants
1000mm x 300mm high
Custom made suspensions with 3-way lamp holders and black cotton flex.
Double backed material
Silver mirror diffusers to the top of both pendants 
1. Fabric Inside: STJL Black chintz / Fabric Outside: STJL Panther
2. Fabric Inside: Warwick Quill Velvet / Fabric Outside: STJL Black chintz

Wine Shed, Jandakot.

We created hanging pendant lights from wine glasses suspended on powder coated frames.

Wine Shed, Jandakot.

We also transformed wine bottles into hanging pendant lights, suspended on aluminium rings.

Rambla on Swan, South Perth

Sea Shell pendants handmade in red pleated silk over metal frames. 
Illumination: 4 x LED globes. Featured size: 1800mm x 600mm.

Temptations Gourmet & Espresso Bar

Various shaped hessian pendants and weaved hessian screen hand made by St John Lamps.

McDonalds restaurant, Myaree

Industrial painted metal & timber bend pendants with LED lighting in an acrylic light box. 
Featured size: 1400mm x 550mm x 400mm. 

Parmelia Hilton Perth's that iconic Adelphi Steak House & Bar has moved to a new space as the Adelphi Grill.


Hyde Park Hotel, North Perth 

Wills Domain, Margaret River.

Hand pleated Crème Ribbon pendants made up into groups of three. Pendants can be made in larger groups.