ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES with Cocoon Lighting Perth

St John Lamps is excited to announce 'Kokon' (cocoon lighting Perth) a stunning technology with the ability to create an indulging, atmospheric warm light. 

Kokon is truly unique. While the frames are hand made to your exact specifications, no two will ever be exactly the same, as they are each sprayed by hand, one by one in our warehouse. 

The sprayed resin cocoons the wire frame creating a modern shape and a soft low glare. 

Texture, size, shape, form, purpose - the possibilities are endless. 

We can apply this technology to a wide range of applications, from large scale Pendants to Floor Lamps or Table Lamps.

The stunning texture created by the spraying technique can be adjusted to suit your style or project.  

The use of the 'cocoon technique' (Kokon) was developed more than 50 years ago by the German Friedel Wauer who discovered a mechanical way to cover a steel grid by imitating the silkworm’s “self-wrapping”.

Designers such as George Nelson, Pier Giacomo Castilgone, Tobia Scarpa and lately Marcel Wanders have been fascinated by the property of the Kokon material and created outstanding design icons.

It comes down to “wrapping” and “shrinkage”, and exploring other simple geometric wire structures.