The Process

The process starts with the highest quality raw materials from Germany to support production to the highest level of design lighting. The frames are hand made and each structure is also sprayed by hand, one by one in our warehouse.

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Circular Aluminium Wall lightsCircular Aluminium Wall lightsCircular Aluminium Wall lightsCircular Aluminium Wall lights

Circular Aluminium Wall lights

These Circular Aluminium Wall lights are Powder coated in Matt black and
Mounted off the wall.
  • Back light with LED strip lighting
  • Sizes as show: 400mm, 700mm & 1000mm
You can contact us either by phone on 08 9204 5556, email or visit our centrally located showroom based in Osborne Park, Perth Western Australia.


Add instant drama to a room with home lighting fixtures that are also exciting and sculptural works of art.

Creative new shapes and technology mean that home lighting fixtures often do far more than provide illumination. They can be exciting and sculptural works of art.

“Designs are now not only a source of light, but a distinctive feature of an interior design,” says New York architect West Chin.

Chin recently hung a frothy cluster of LED glass bubbles over a dining table in a minimalist apartment in Manhattan. The fixture’s a focal point in an otherwise sparely decorated space. In a duplex, he placed a trio of mesh orbs over a staircase; when the lights are on, shadows dance theatrically against a paneled accent wall.

Chin’s also a fan of Stickbulb, a lighting component created by RUX studio in New York City. The “stick” is offered in various types of wood fitted with an LED. They’re then attached to a central metal element and can be configured into various shapes. 

Tom Dixon recently debuted a new lighting collection called Cut (pictured above). The faceted, clear or smoky fixtures, with mirrored finishes and metalized interiors, resemble enormous futuristic crystals. 

“When we’re planning a room that calls for a large piece of statement lighting, we always start with that piece first, building everything else around it,” say Brandon Quattrone and Mat Sanders of Consort Design in Los Angeles. “You want it to be the wow factor in a room. If you’re hanging a dining room chandelier, keep the surrounding walls simple, with a minimal piece of artwork or some subtle shelf styling.”

Designer Ghislaine Viñas did that in a Montauk, New York, beach house project. She hung Alvaro Catalan de Ocon’s PET Lamp Chandelier in an all-white dining space. The brightly hued lights, hanging on colored cords, bring in an element of playfulness.

Pendant Lighting Perth

Other intriguing fixtures new to the marketplace employ modern technology with a nod to classic design. Corbett Lighting’s Theory Chandelier is an ode to midcentury Italian design, with horizontal spokes alternating clear glass and gold-leaf iron rods. Calibrated LEDs gracefully cast light up and down.

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Salon Lighting Perth

When it comes to salon design, the appropriate lighting is one of the most critical design factors and it can impact how your clients feel about your services and your salon. With this helpful blog, Salon Designer Michele Pelafas offers some valuable guidance when it comes to selecting your lighting:

Salon Lighting Should Flatter the Complexion and Compliment the Interior
Bulbs come in a variety of temperatures ranging from very warm to cool. A warm temperature bulb (2,700 to 3,500 Kelvin temperature) is the most flattering on the complexion and compliments most salon interiors. Cool temperatures (4,800 Kelvin temperature) can equate to daylight (a sunny afternoon) and is typically not the most flattering temperature (think about being out in broad daylight and how your skin looks in the sun). Daylight/cool temperature bulbs will grey-out warm interiors as well as wash-out guests.

Salon Lighting Should Accurately Render Color 
Have you ever heard stories about guests receiving hair color only to walk outside and the color appears differently? The simple solution is to utilize bulbs in the space that accurately renders color. How well a bulb accurately renders color is determined by the bulb's Color Rendering Index which represents the quality of light and its faithfulness to render colors. Always request bulbs that have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 86 or higher.

Salon Lighting Should be positioned to Eliminate Shadows
How a guest looks in the salon chair is paramount in the salon environment. If a guest feels good about their appearance, it reinforces a positive experience for repeat business and increased revenues. The easiest way to help eliminate shadows on the face is to position lighting at the mirror on either side to directly light the complexion. This too should be a flattering temperature bulb (2,700 to 3,500 Kelvin). Spotty lighting above, such as track fixtures, will also create shadows. In this type of application, wall lighting on the face is even more important.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Bulbs for Long-Term Savings
Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs have revolutionized energy efficient lighting. When possible, request salon light fixtures that support these types of lamps. With a wide variety of color temperatures and high Color Rendering Index options, these bulbs are ideal for the salon environment. Although these lamps are typically higher in cost to purchase, the investment is worth it as these lamps have long life, use less energy, save on maintenance and replacement costs and provide long term savings.

Overhead Task Lighting and General Illumination
Overhead fixtures provide you with general lighting to perform tasks as well as light the overall space. If the overhead lighting is properly designed, this will provide enough lighting to perform all of the required tasks for hair styling and color application. Separate "task lighting" is not required if the overhead lighting is properly configured. Proper overhead lighting will vary from space to space and is dependent upon the ceiling height and type (open, grid, etc) as well as how dark or light the space is. A lighting designer who understands the intricacies of salon lighting can help.

Quality Lighting Counts
As in anything, quality matters. LED and florescent bulbs, while a wonderful source of general lighting, can be flat. There are thousands of sources for LED lighting and for as many quality options on the market there are just as many poor ones. Look for LED bulbs that replicate Halogen bulbs, have a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and have high quality optics that bring just enough sparkle to the space to show the depth, dimension & shine to the fabulous hair that you produce.

Remember, the best lighting for your salon combines a variety of lighting to suit its particular purpose. While you do not have to be an expert here, the idea is to be able to effectively communicate the basics so that you can explore all of your lighting options to fit your budget and ensure a successful result.




A beautiful fabric with delicate uneven stripes, high transparency and subtle metallic thread.
We welcome your enquiry to discuss your design needs for lampshades, pendant lights, table and floor lamps, or wall lights in a range of fabrics and parchments.
You can contact us either by phone on 08 9204 5556, email on or visit our centrally located showroom based in Osborne Park, Perth Western Australia.


Whether you are after a classic, authentic or modern look, our timber veneer pendants and lampshades offer a warm translucent light. Heighten the style of any room!
We welcome your enquiry to discuss your design needs for lampshades, pendant lights, table and floor lamps, or wall lights in a range of fabrics and parchments.
You can contact us either by phone on 08 9204 5556, email on or visit our centrally located showroom based in Osborne Park, Perth Western Australia.

The Trustee Bar and Bistro

October 03, 2017


The Trustee Bar and Bistro is a multi-award winning venue that was established in 2012. St John Lamps worked with the design team to create customised pendants to compliment the beautiful ‘olde world’ feel while creating a bright and airy space. 


Acrylic Saturn Rings

October 03, 2017

Private residence, Mount Pleasant

Silver mirror acrylic with white acrylic diffuser fitted flush to base, gold mirror acrylic also available. 
Illumination: single or double row LED strip lighting. Featured sizes: 900mm & 1200mm.

Custom Pendant Lighting Perth

 Custom designed 2-in-1 drum pendant in St John Lamps black chintz / black metalix for Allure Pearls, Subiaco. 


April 11, 2017


Composition: 75% PVC + 25% Pes
Composed of two layers
We laminate this fabric on rigid PVC 
Colour: Opal. Thickness: 300 microns (0,3 mm)