Say Goodbye To Cumbersome Power Cables With Our New Current Carrying Suspensions

January 31, 2019

St. John Lamps was established in 1979 by the current owner, Robert St. John Kennedy.

With continued innovation at our core, we are committed to developing tailored products utilising the latest lighting technologies and designs, while offering a wide range of colours, forms and fixtures.

‘We create distinctive, luxurious, and lasting custom made pendants and lampshades, all manufactured in our workshop.’

We manufacture large scale bespoke projects for a diverse range of clients from corporate offices, commercial premises and shopping centres, to restaurants, bars and 5-star hotels.

Over time we have developed an extensive range of styles that can be manufactured in your choice of materials, or we can construct one-off creations that can be formed to any shape you desire.

These specialised, individually designed shapes are possible due to a unique process implemented by our sister company, Creative Wire & Plastic Coating. With this process we can produce lampshades based on any shape imaginable.

Say Goodbye To Cumbersome Power Cables With Our New Current
Carrying Suspensions

Designed to restore the aesthetic balance so that the suspended objects become again what they are supposed to be: the shining stars in the limelight. The power for suspended pendants are usually supplied by separate power cables, which can interfere with the aesthetic appearance detracting greatly from their visual appeal.

Meet our new, power cable free solution.

The old solution required a separate power cable, while the new solution a Current-carrying suspension system removes the need for the cable.

Cable Free Pendants with current carrying suspensions

Pendants with current carrying suspensions are available in a wide range of shapes and dimensions.

Wireless Pendants Current-carrying suspension system